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sirena_table_x_camp_2021_movimento_group_camp design gallery_ph F.Floriani

StefaniaRuggiero_mirror blue_2021

StefaniaRuggiero_mirror blue_2021

Lee_Supergroupshow_Superhouse_2021_ph S.Davidson

dolphin carpets_surface group show_camp design gallery_2019_ph R.Donatini

dolphin carpets_surface group show_camp design gallery_2019_ph P.Mottadelli

StefaniaRuggiero_mirror green_2021


andrea vase_foam, spray, resin_2019_ph M.Savelli

sirena table x camp_2021_movimento_group_camp design gallery_ph F.Floriani

sunset carpet x vettor_2022_shot_vettor_curated by R.Mansueto

StefaniaRuggiero_mirror lilac_2021

vase_foam, spray, resin_2019_ph M.Savelli

giropizza_acrilic and crayon on canvas_70x100cm_2016

vase_foam, spray, resin_2019_ph M.Savelli

cinzia rug x camp_nz wool_150x200 cm_2021

lou vase_PLA_3d pen_2022_superhouse_ph. S.Davidson

robin vase_the gallery_the attico+superhouse_MDW22_ ph. S.Davidson


Stefania Ruggiero is a designer and artist based in Milano. With a master's degree in product design at Politecnico di Milano, she starts her career as a carpet designer after she trained at Paola Navone studio and Marcel Wanders. Currently, she collaborates with home decor companies, and exhibits with different realities in Italy and abroad. In her projects she blends art and design, mixing poetics and experimentation.


  • 2023, Alcova Project Space, Milano

  • 2023, Fuori Contesto, Dopo? Space, Milano

  • 2022, The Gallery, The Attico+Superhouse, Milano 

  • 2021, Super Show 2, Superhouse, New York

  • 2021, Shot, Vettor, Bari, (Solo)

  • 2020, Movimento II Camp Design Gallery, Milano

  • 2020, Un Dejavu Inaspettato, State Of, Milano

  • 2020, Acid Blue, Collectible Design Fair, Camp Gallery, Bruxelles

  • 2019, Surface, Camp Design Gallery, Milan

  • 2018, I Shot Mercury To Make This Exhibition, Nir Altman, Munich

  • 2016, Generica, Circoloquadro, Milano (Solo)